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How to unlock the Facebook account?(Easy Guidelines)

Publié par Danny Watson sur 28 Juin 2017, 11:54am

The Facebook help center is helping people to a great extent to recover their locked Facebook account. There are many reasons due to which you may get locked out of your Facebook account. Here are some of the main reasons, why Facebook locks your Facebook account-

Some of the main reasons for getting an account blocked on Facebook are as follows-

  • Facebook is possibly making an improvement in the database and during this period your account will get locked and you will not be able to access your account.
  • When a person reports your account as fake or makes a request to Facebook to lock your account.
  • Instead of getting a warning from Facebook, you continued to make prohibited behavior.
  • Activities that violated Facebook’s Terms of use like advertising, harassing someone, posting illegal content or some other kinds of inappropriate conduct on Facebook can make your account locked temporarily or permanently.
  • If Facebook detects a suspicious activity, then it suspended your account temporarily
  • If you are involved in sending a large number of friend request randomly
  • If you are using devices randomly to open your Facebook account
  • If you are using fake information to create a Facebook account

Due to any of the given reasons, if your Facebook account has been locked, then can recover your account easily.

How to recover a locked Facebook account?

If you are locked out of your Facebook account then you will get a message, which says- “For security reasons, your account is temporarily locked”.

Here are the options to verify and unlock your temporarily locked Facebook account-

  • Avoid opening your Facebook account up to 96 hours and clear the cache and history of your browser. Your account may get back to normal.
  • If you are not able to recover your Facebook account via automated security verification process, then probably Facebook has detected something suspicious in your Facebook account and therefore locked you out of the Facebook. In this case-
  • You can verify your account using your mobile number
  • Identify the photos of your friends to get back into your Facebook account. Once you have confirmed the authenticity of your account, you can log in your account with your email address or you can go with a new email address.
  • Now you will be asked to enter a new security question. Enter a new security question and enter your unlocked Facebook account.
  • If you believe that your account has been locked by mistake, Fret not! You can submit an appeal to Facebook and prove the authenticity of your account by submitting an ID card that has your name and date of birth. The options include- Birth certificate, DL, Passport, Voter ID card or marriage certificate.

If you are clean then you will be given back the access to your account, but in some cases, you will never be able to recover your Facebook account.

You can contact Facebook customer support to get the access to your locked Facebook account.

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